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Our journey. Our wine. Made out of time, courage and love.

Our journey. Our wine. Made out of time, courage and love.


We've walked this path together since 2012. Whether it’s tending the vineyards, guiding the grapes along their journey, presenting the finished results, or just generally thinking and living all things wine — we believe we make a near ideal pairing. Our efforts so far have produced healthy vineyards and sustainable wines, and earned us many friends and companions new and old along the way. Our goal? To create grand wines as naturally as possible that embody the true balance between man and nature. Wines that reflect our personalities as well as our creativity.


The biodynamic approach remains a consistent inspiration on the way to perfect harmony. While it may sound odd to some, we truly believe that everything is connected. We see the results on a daily basis in our vineyards. Our preparations strengthen our soils and vines. When we give mother nature as much freedom as possible to do things her way, she in turn gifts us with her very finest results, reinforcing the precious natural balance. We also see a reflection of our unity in the wines, with femininity and masculinity in harmony. Each wine represents a stage of our overall journey. And as we continue along the path we have chosen, we see greater opportunities to deepen the complexities and personal connection.


While our path may seem radical to some, for us it is less a provocation than an obvious choice: to work in harmony with nature. We are thrilled to see the demand for lo-fi wines continuing to grow. There is real acceptance and appreciation in cities as different as Copenhagen and London or Paris and Berlin. As we travel, we are honored to share our passion, without prejudice or rigid conventions.


We believe that grand, balanced and minimal intervention wines are best achieved through extended skin contact. Yet that can only happen when the fruit is fully ripened and the berries are completely healthy for their gentle journey to the cellar. We love this part of the process, watching and waiting in the cellar as our wines start their journey. It is then our duty and honor to give them however much time on the lees they need to discover their own optimal development.



Dear friends and valued customers, We partner with a wide network of retailers in Germany and around the world.
Please write us if you’d like information on a retailer near you, or to inquire about carrying our wines.
We look forward to hearing from you!

+49 173 3174117 oder +49 172 4520987

Email: info@biankaunddaniel.de

Drink in peace!

Drink in peace!